Our Projects

Maclin has a very colourful portfolio when it comes to electric fence construction; we don’t just construct electric fences, we innovate in design and push fencing boundaries in order to meet our customer needs. Below are just a few of our larger projects both nationally and internationally.

Pangolin friendly farm fencing

One of the biggest threats facing pangolins in southern Africa is their accidental electrocution on electrified fences. Studies have found that as many as 1,000 pangolins may be killed on these fences every year in South Africa alone, probably overshadowing the illegal wildlife trade as a threat to pangolins in the region.

You can find out more about how we’re working with Pangolin Africa here. If you’d like to make your own contribution, you can donate to the project here.

The Temminck’s Ground Pangolin, native to South Africa, is bipedal and often walks on its two hind legs with its front legs and tail held above the ground. If they come into contact with electric fencing, the pangolin’s defense mechanism is to roll into a ball, wrapping around the live wire, which often leads to death. Electrical fencing poses a significant threat to other wildlife species as well, including tortoises, snakes, chameleons, and small antelope.

Wireless Telemetry Monitoring

Our work at the Kruger Boundary is ongoing with various upgrades of existing private nature reserve fences to a higher standard. As criminals evolve, so to does our fencing, which now includes sectorised wireless telemetry monitoring of the boundary fence as a first defence against the ongoing battle with poaching. Our clients include Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, Thornybush Nature Reserve, Manyeletti Game Reserve, South African Wild Life College and Sandringham Game Reserve.

Tiger Proof Fence

We were approached by wildlife conservationist and film maker, John Varty, to design and construct a tiger proof electric fence in the Northern Cape. As there was no existing construction of this nature anywhere else in the world, we had to learn about the capabilities of these athletic animals prior to the design of the electric fence. With a limited budget, this fence was designed as cost effectively as possible, but at the same time ensuring that it would contain the exotic species assigned to it.

Much of our time has been given to the protection of wildlife and game fencing in recent years, with the construction of electric fences as part of animal welfare projects. We operate all of our large projects with a small core team of experienced individuals, offering employment, training and skills development to the members of the surrounding communities.
As a leader in electric fence technology, we are constantly evolving, never forgetting our focus on customer and quality, which has been key to our success and expansion over the years.

Gabion River Construction – Tiger Canyon (N Cape) / Erindi Ranch (Namibia)

We added another aspect to our portfolio by successfully designing and constructing numerous Gabion River crossings with electrified swing gates and flood gate controllers in order to contain game in areas with rising water levels in the wet season.

A year later, at the 180km long Erindi Ranch, we were employed to consult and train Erindi personnel in the construction of offset electrification, installation of energiser stations and the maintenance of their game fence including the establishment of a spray program for the eradication of vegetative growth on the fence line.

Zambia - Kayalamaja and Yapite Luangwa (Childfund New Zealand)

In 2014, not only did we supply all fencing materials for this construction, we also trained the local community on how to erect barrier fences between themselves and the National park in order to protect the villagers and their crops from elephants.

We train local communities on our larger projects, as it empowers the community and is essential in carrying out fence maintenance going forward.