Big 5 Game Fencing

We offer electric fencing solutions specializing in the containment of the big five as well as protecting them from threats such as poachers. We design, supply and construct according to your big 5 game requirements.

Sectorised Monitoring Fencing

Maclin are specialists in design, supply & construction of ‘sectorised monitoring’ fences. This could be anything from 2 sectors up to 1000+ sectors, all depending on the requirement.

Having the fence sectorised helps to narrow down the incursions to a specific zone and can even determine whether the issue is external or internal. Having this facility has been a huge benefit to the anti-poaching teams, who are able to respond faster and can pinpoint the exact location of incursion. We have used this system throughout Africa for the successful protection of rhinos.

Low Profile Fencing

Our ‘low profile’ fences provide the necessary barrier needed for keeping all unwanted animals out, without blocking your view. This is what makes them the perfect type of fence for tented camps, lodges or private dwellings on game reserves or farms where you would like protection from predators but are still able to feel a part of the bush.

Organic Fencing

We design and supply a range of natural looking fences using products that come from the areas that we are working in. This could be using dead hardwood trees and/or even rocks for posts; this helps the fence blend into the background scenery.

Innovative fencing

At Maclin we have been innovating with fences for over 20 years and for a variety of animals. We have designed snake, scorpion, warthog, bush pig, baboon, crocodile, porcupine, rhino and elephant deterrent fences. Some of our innovations include freedom of movement for smaller game whilst containing bigger game and protection of pangolins and small game that often get caught in bottom wires. The innovation of our fences for wildlife comes from an extensive understanding of the natural world with an emphasis on preserving and protecting all wildlife.