Shock box

We completely manufacture and design our own shock boxes tailored towards each client’s specific needs. These are mainly for the agricultural and game industries, however, they can be used domestically if required. All the “guts” of the shock box will be put together to a Maclin standard. This includes setting up the energiser, regulators or battery chargers, fans, batteries, network switches, siren, 12v outputs and making sure all wiring is colour coded and labelled. All testing will also be done before being delivered to site. Shock boxes can be designed to use 220v or solar power, which will come with its own solar mounting.

Game and Domestic Gate

We can supply a variety of standardised gates and we can fully manufacture our own customised gates. Depending on your requirements we will design a gate tailored towards your specific project. This can be with or without electrics.

Offset Brackets

There was a time when we could not get enough supply of offset brackets, so we decided to manufacture our own brackets including coming up with our own designs (ele-bracket, triple bracket and earth adaptor bracket). We fully manufacture all current brackets that are used for game and agriculture fencing.

Live Earth Spacers

Maclin has been at the forefront on innovation coming up with and designing items geared towards fencing. We are the sole manufacturer of the Live Earth Spacers that was designed out of necessity for game fences when animals ended up twisting wires. The spacer helps to keep the wires separated and prevents twisting of the live and earth wires.