Free Standing Fencing

Depending on your requirement we can design, supply and construct a variety of free standing security fences.

This could be clear view/wire wall, steel, wood, palisade or concrete. We can do either fully electrified, partly or with no electrics.

Free Standing Agri Fencing

We build a variety of security fences designed primarily for the agriculture industry to help with security, containment of livestock and crop theft.

Free Standing Pet Fencing

As with fences geared towards bigger animals, we can also design, supply and construct fences that have the best interest of your beloved pets in mind. These can also help protect them from unwanted snakes and scorpions.

Sectorised Monitoring Fencing

We are specialists in design, supply & construction of ‘sectorised monitoring fences’. This could be anything from 2 sectors up to 1000 + sectors, all depending on the requirement. Having the fence sectorised helps to narrow down the incursions to a specific zone and can even determine whether the issue is external or internal. A major benefit for farmers is that it can prevent huge losses of stolen product and livestock.

Wall Top Fencing

When Maclin started out, every single wall top bracket had to be customised. Wall top fences have come a long way and have become very standardised in recent years. Luckily, for our clients, the standardisation means the price has decreased a fair bit. However, depending on the project, we may fully design and construct our own wall top brackets to meet Maclin’s high standard.